Wellington: 10 November
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Nau mai, haere mai!

There is a growing search for authentic products, experiences and connection with people and community. That search leads many to want to authentically engage with and share Māori culture, narratives and forms of expression. So we have created this workshops, to help anyone who would like to explore and understand, in a supportive and accepting environment.

Presented by Johnson McKay (Ngāti Kahungunu, Tainui Waikato, Ngāti Porou), the workshop explores three key aspects to using Māori design:

1. Partnership

We discuss four different kinds of partnership models and help attendees identify which model is appropriate for their aspirations to incorporate Māori concepts into their brand or product. Several barriers are also reviewed and solutions proposed.

2. Purpose

Drawing upon some of the best examples of modern incorporation of Māori design, we explore the purpose of different forms of Māori art forms and how we can apply these to contemporary applications.

3. Protection

Attendees come to understand key aspects of Tikanga Māori and how they assist at protecting and elevating Māori design, which is a taonga tuku iho, or valued treasure handed down through time.

Fly will be presenting this workshop in Wellington. Tickets are available, book yours now.

Wellington: 10 November - book tickets here

Work Shown:

1. Our Work for Air New Zealand
2. Our Work for Māori TV
3. Our Work for Māori TV
4. Māoritanga in NYC - Johnson Witehira
5. Mātaki Mai Ana te Ao - Walter & Faye
6. Te Oro Brand Identity - Alt Group