Deep Spring Light

We helped Deep Spring launch a serious contender in the low sugar category and created a brand strategy & campaign that feels good enough to drink.







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A Serious Contender

Deep Spring Original is a great tasting, refreshing drink with sparkling New Zealand spring water and delicious fruit juice. It’s a healthier option, with 25% less sugar than the average soft drink.

So to keep up with people’s desire for amazing refreshment and lower sugar, we helped Deep Spring launch a serious contender in the low sugar category.

Full flavour, with less than a teaspoon of sugar, Deep Spring Light is in the house!

We developed a clear brand position of “feel good refreshment”. Light on sugar, light on guilt, it’s the feel good choice.

It’s also the drink you have when you’re enjoying light hearted, social and joyful moments. This emotive state is when people want something with the cooling, calming properties of water and the fun and refreshment that comes from real fruit juice.

But they don’t want to kill the buzz with something unhealthy. Why disrupt endless Instagram feel good moments with guilt trips emanating from your choice of drink? …said Millennials everywhere. After putting the polish on the Brand Manifesto, we created the first ever Brand Campaign. With the help of the media wizards at Ikon Media, Deep Spring Light got a summer reveal across outdoor, sampling with Skinnies, custom surfboards giveaways with Boards by Blank and a series of fun animations to stop thumbs in social media.

A refreshing campaign. Deeply refreshing.


Client - Angela Broad, Coca Cola Amatil
Strategy Direction - Guy Harkness
Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Jason Fantonial
Design - Gary Covich, Storm Smith
Illustration - Joe Wharehinga
Campaign Management - Melody Casse
Media Strategy - Ikon Media