People are at the heart of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. They innovate together, celebrate together and stand together.Care is infused into every fibre of their culture. We were asked to create a brand that captured this ethos and enabled them to unite around shared values and their work to continue to be rewarding, safe and successful.









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The Challenge

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has a state of the art facility in East Tamaki, which houses all departments from research and development to product design, manufacturing and distribution. With a wide variety of staff, they wanted to bring everyone together to achieve the highest standards of holistic Health & Safety.

But who wants to engage with Health & Safety.It’s sounds like regulation, paperwork, lists of dos and longer don’ts. So we were asked to develop a strategy that put people at the centre of the organisation and engaged them deeply in innovating, caring and working together

The Identity

We developed an identity to communicate Health & Safety in a more engaging way. Our inspiration came from the Maori concept of being a Kaitiaki, meaning a guardian, steward or caregiver.

The role of a Kaitiaki is to protect and preserve those things that are most valuable to the community.

The identity has a modern, crafted type face, that rounds off sharp edges to convey the values of open care and consideration for each other. The letter I has been shaped to represent the essential value of people. They look towards each other for support and strength. They also represent pou, or carved poles that Māori would erect to notify people of danger, or areas of importance, where care was necessary.The meaning of Kaitiaki and the inclusion of the pou work together to tell the narrative of the brand in a memorable and creative manner.

The Brand

Health & Safety branding is always so alarmist. Loads of red, ugly stick figures and warning symbols. While there is a need to cut to the chase and warn of danger, we wanted to maintain a very human, emotive and vibrant brand that wasn’t only a growling from management. We created a brand that helps Fisher & Paykel Healthcare speak to whatever needs their staff have under one umbrella brand, whether they be social, emotional, physical or mental. The total health and well being of their staff are taken on board and strategies to improve overall health implemented.

For that reason, Kaitiaki needed to be based on broader values than just protection from danger. We created seven key messages, divided into two key areas.

1) Communicate, Innovate, Celebrate
2) Support, Care, Protect.

The first defines the importance of teamwork to create success and the second the hygiene factors to ensure everyone thrives in the process.


Client - Louise Reed, Alexa Langdale, Wade Alsweiler
Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Brooke Hill
Design - Jason Fantonial, Siobhon Joe