Maori Television - Kai

12 Apr 2017

Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Whare Kai o Maori Television.

What makes Maori kai special? Locally grown, organic ingredients sourced fresh from the garden, the ocean, or the bush. We collaborated with NZ Chef, Monique Fiso to celebrate the best of Maori kai and engage a new generation of fans.








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The Kaupapa

Our brief was to express Maori values and point of view in a fresh and creative way, that inspires and engages Maori and non-Maori alike. We developed four key themes to promote Maori Kai - Te Taiao, Te Takiwaa, Te Tohutaka and Te Taawara.

Or in english - food sourced from the natural environment, regionality, traditional and modern preparation techniques and always looking to enhance the essence of the food.

The campaign directed people to Te Whare Kai at to discover new tastes and a new pride in native ingredients and flavours.

Collaborating With Monique

We created a collaboration between Monique Fiso and Maori Television. Monique had recently returned from working in Michelin starred restaurants in New York. Being back in NZ ignited a passion for using her fine dining sensibility to reinvent Maori kai. The results are mind blowing.

Monique created 12 recipes just for Maori Television, from which came engaging social and digital content. People could view instructional videos, download recipes and other content to take their traditional Maori kai into a new realm of culinary creativity.

It was a real triumph to retain the integrity of native ingredients and the application of matauranga Maori with modern cooking techniques. It inspired us to get in the kitchen and create our own bug.


Client - Krissi Silao - Social Media Marketing Manager
Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Direction - Jason Fantonial
Food Stylist - Helen Mai
Food Photography - Jared Clark