Maori TV - Giphy Campaign

Maori Television and Fly bring the cool factor into our native language by launching a Giphy channel full of te reo Maori animated gifs.









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Our Objective

Te reo Maori has launched into the digital space, through a channel that enables te reo Maori content to be accessible in over 500 social media apps and digital platforms, including Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

Maori Television has a mandate at the heart of their business - to normalise and revitalise te reo Maori for all New Zealanders. This is a taonga (treasure) that needs as many staunch supporters as possible. So we were delighted to be asked by Maori Television to help them create a way to engage Millennials in the te reo Maori journey.

Making Maori Cool

A growing trend is for Millennials to communicate ideas through gifs - animated typography and short video clips through social media. So to engage Millennials we wanted to fit in with their existing behaviours and meet them where they are. After researching and finding there weren’t any cool te reo Maori content available for people to easily share via social media, we pitched the concept to Maori Television, with the help of the genius Digital & Social Strategist, Nicola Reade.

A key component to the campaign was to “whaka-cool-ngia te reo”, or to make te reo cool. We used vibrant colour, fun type faces and kiwaha (colloquial expressions) that can be used in a positive and fun manner.

We worked with Toby Morris, a very talented illustrator to give the campaign it’s fresh feel. By approaching te reo in a very fun and engaging way and in the devices that Millennials use every day, it raises the mana of the language and places it at the heart of people’s relationships and communities.

The results?

With over 3.5 million views within the first 6 months of it’s launch, the Giphy channel will be a long term commitment to the revitalisation and normalisation of te reo by Maori Television,

We love our relationship with Maori Television, because both businesses genuinely want to innovate and empower the revitalisation of te reo Maori for all New Zealanders.

To visit Maori Television’s Giphy channel, click here


Johnson McKay - Creative Director
Jason Fantonial - Senior Designer
Storm Smith - Designer
Toby Morris - Illustrator
Nicola Reade - Digital Strategy
Maurine Talpin - Brand Strategy
Keeley Sander - Maori Television, Head of Marketing
Amy Frecklington - Maori Television, PR
Chris Osbourne - Maori Television, Social