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Print is dead. Well, we just resurrected it. Creative Spaces is born and it's a good looking baby.







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Over 2013 and 2014 we were asked to help APN communicate some innovations they were bringing to market in the print advertising industry. Pushing print has some challenges. One being many media buyers are digital natives, with print being something they think only Nana reads. Second, how to engage people in print past just booking column inches. So we suggested a way APN can start a conversation with Media and Creative Agencies and tell the untold story of the power of print.

Creative Spaces was born, and it’s one good looking baby

Creative Spaces was a fully integrated way of introducing the industry to a series of new print techniques, tactile tom foolery and digital wizardry available through APN Media now NZME. We created a language to convey the flexibility and technology now available. This language, we called “glyphs” became a motif across all Creative Spaces communications and represented the new flexibility by which print media is being used to disrupt and engage. We then worked closely with APN to develop the media kit, direct marketing, branded collateral and online.

To launch Creative Spaces we built wooden spaces, filled with goodies, including a printed media kit, a suite of design resources and a journal to inspire creatives to think about filling Creative Spaces. Designed to an immaculate standard, like white foil debossed journal covers, we new creatives would look up from their screens and take notice.

With our trojan horse manoeuvred into place, Creative Spaces is now filling creative minds with new ideas, from which they can create the award winning ads, achieve critical success, sleep with supermodels and score their bosses corner office.

It’s a win win.


Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Richard Munro
Designers - Helen Mai, Tanmay Desai