Piki Brand Identity

11 Jul 2019

Piki is a service to provide advice and support to young adults, looking for ways to improve their wellness. We created the brand strategy and brand identity to support this very important kaupapa.


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Our Brief

Research shows that many young adults do not feel comfortable going to the Doctor. They would prefer to speak to a peer, or someone from their community first. Further, they are looking for ways to shape their own pathway and be empowered to take self selected steps.

Tū Ora developed an innovative service, enabling young adults to connect with peers from their community and access digital resources as part of the total solution to accessing mental health services. Our brief, create a brand strategy and brand identity that would engage young adults, particularly rangatahi Māori.

Creating A Personable Brand

Research was conducted with young adults who expressed their views on what the service needed to provide. The service needed to be supportive, but keeping it real with no sugar coating or watering things down. Further, the service needed to connect people with expert advice, but be understanding and non-judgemental. Another important brand value, was being positive. Young adults didn’t want solemn faces and grey backgrounds to convey empathy. We created the purpose, mission, values and personality of the brand and as a suite of key communications that assist in communicating the brand with a positive, but considered tone.

The use of Poppins font feels empowering, clear and confident. The colour palette is vibrant, positive and energising. Mātauranga Māori assigns certain meanings to colours. The colour white is enlightenment and inspiration. The colour orange is a representation of the ahi kā, or those who keep the home fires burning. These people have strong connections to the land, people and have great knowledge. This represents the experts from within the community that provide support. Deep purple represents the imagination, emotional and spiritual connection.

The Brand Identity

We wanted a name that had an appropriate meaning in te reo Māori, but also was easy to say and had the right feeling. Piki means to ascend. For example, if you wish someone well in te reo Māori, you say “kia piki te ora” or you wish for their health to rise, elevate or reach a higher pinnacle. The noun of piki is a person who provides support assistance. This speaks nicely to the purpose of the service and the people that work within it.

The logo is on an upward slant, a reference to the aspiration to help lift people’s wellbeing. The koru on the K connects to the letter i, representing people receiving strength and support.

We hope that all the people who need this kind of help are benefited by the work. That’s more important than design. But also why design is so important, as it helps connect people to services and products they need.

Client: Tū Ora Compass Communications
Creative Director: Johnson McKay
Design Director: Tim Hansen
Digital Designer: Siobhon Joe
Designer: Jason Fantonial, Storm Smith
Account Manager: Erin Stirling