Pump has 20 years of getting it right, by staying consistent to it's roots - strong, confident bottle design, keeping the product clear of clutter. But Pump was finding it hard to engage a younger generation of fans. Intro heroic music ..................... now.








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The Strategic Insight

We rode in on a white horse and after several hours of trumpet blowing and flag waving Pump asked us to sit down and get on with it. We presented several strategic insights into Millennials. They have a different set of aspirations. They #grablife, but with more freedom of expression than ever before. They look to brands to be co-creators in their socially amplified lives, delivering fresh experiences that keep them on trend. No longer does a text to win promo cut it with these guys. We presented a strategy to get Millennials engaged in co-creating with Pump and expressing their lifestyle and how Pump fits into it.

The Creative Idea

Taking cues from popular fashion and design trends, we created a range of 6 limited edition bottles, with fashion colour pops, gold and silver foiling and a few other choice stuff that we knew would disrupt at point of sale

Brand Collaboration & Co-Creation

We brought in Nike, Kathmandu, Barkers, Fitbit, Timberland, Mi Piaci, Smith & Caughey's and a number of other brands to create lifestyle collections that expressed the lifestyles Millennials aspire towards - being active, adventurous and creative.

Consumers could participate in a digital experience, creating a personal lifestyle collection to match their chosen Pump bottle, by curating from 36 different mini-collections, that express their lifestyle. With a few clicks, the happy Millennial had created a personalised, curated collection and with an easy share to Facebook, they had entered to win their collection. We then mined this data to deliver insights into preference of label design, the kinds of lifestyles they resonated with, age, location and other essential tidbits. These insights are on hand to drive subsequent campaigns with even more precision.


The last on pack promotion was an All Blacks promotion during Rugby World Cup year. Gulp! Sales from the Pump Lifestyle Campaign were up double digits (no, not just 10%) from the All Black's promotion. Web visitors to pump.co.nz was four times higher than the All Blacks Promotion, with an astonishing 83% of visitors creating a personal lifestyle collection and spending almost 3 and a half minutes at the site. Social media engagement goals were exceeded by 260% for Facebook and 1,425% on Instagram, being Pump's most successful social media campaign.

An end to end campaign that drove engagement at point of sale, social and digital. It delivered insights that will shape the model moving for Pump forward and energised the marketing team at Coca Cola Amatil on new possibilities for the brand. We'd call that a success.

The Client Co-lab

People often ask Fly, how we get the briefs we do? The answer is, great Clients. Laura Knight, Brand Manager at CCA wrote a perfect brief, giving us room to challenge and solve problems. Laura was across every aspect from strategy to design, print processes and digital experience. A great project is a collaboration.

Kia ora, Laura.


Client: Laura Knight, Brand Manager, Coca Cola Amatil
Creative Strategy - Johnson McKay
Design Direction - Jason Fantonial
Campaign Management - Belinda Gliddon
Photography Art Direction - Helen Mai
Photography - Jared Clark
Digital Design & Development - IDM