The Workshop is our approach to collaborating with our clients. We love to get out from behind the desk and collaborate with all levels of their business, building consensus, defining objectives, breaking through silos and historical barriers… all while singing kumbaya and doing trust falls.

We also deliver workshops to the marketing and creative industry in conjunction with event partners, where we share the benefit of our experiences from adventures and misadventures alike.


We can custom craft a workshop to solve a specific problem you face. Or, enquire below about the ones we find every business needs.

Sales & Marketing Workshop

The era of advertising led marketing is over. The challenge now is to ensure cohesion and relevance, while also customising strategies across multiple physical and digital channels. This workshop helps brands transition out of old thinking into breakthrough strategies.

Brand Experience Journey

As the customer journey becomes more complex, we help brands define insights and strategies into how to deliver a brand experience at every touch point towards customers becoming a loyal brand advocate.

Business & Brand Strategy Workshop

Change can destablise and create pressure to lose their focus. We help brands create an authentic strategy that guides them through change to emerge stronger, more adept and true to their purpose.

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