Collaboration and partnership are central to our philosophy at Fly. We believe the more we share, listen and collaborate, the better the results will be for clients, creatives and the people we serve. Our workshops speak to better partnerships for better work, insights into the creative process and ways to enhance authenticity in our work.

Laden with pearls of wisdom, that flow like wine (says Johnson's Mum), each Workshop attendee receives a set of steak knives that cut through your ex-partner's tyres like butter. Now that's compelling!


Enquire about our schedule of Workshops for the year across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Or, book one for your team at a time that suits you.

The Business of Creativity

Agencies and Clients alike harness the power of creativity to create connection with brands and their fans. Develop new ways to change the game using creative thinking and problem solving with Fly's unique Creative Strategy model.

Maori Design with Authenticity

The Maori culture, with it's rich narratives inspire New Zealand architecture, movies, products and brands. Gain a deep appreciation and understanding for applying authentic Maori design in modern contexts.

Millennial Engagement in A Post Advertising Era

Many brands are challenged by the prospect of engaging Millennials. Discover the five key things that will convert them from cynical consumers to loyal brand advocates.

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